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Remacon Suriname N.V. is an electric-technical company which was established on 9 September 1963. On 1 February 1999 a branch was opened in Nickerie. In September 2003 she was certified ISO 9001:2000.
In april 2010 she was certified ISO 9001:2008.

She is specialized in de following services:

- Rewinding and overhauling.
- Construction jobs.
- Balancing up to 750 kg.
- Electric-technical installation
- Electric-technical troubleshooting on the spot
- Metal refurbishing

Our Nickerie branch delivers the following services on the spot:

- Electric-technical support
- Electrical installations
- Electrical troubleshooting
- Assisting in rewinding, overhauling, and construction of various jobs on behalf of the main office.

The service strategy towards our customers is based on the following:

1. 24 hour availability
2. 3 to 6 months guarantee on products and services provided
3. Reasonable price for services provided
4. Customer friendly service.
5. And especially: ISO 9001:2008 certified!
Exceptional executed operations:
- Rewinding and installation of a 300 pk high voltage electric motor for the SML pumping engine.
- The complete installation (with central control 500 kVA) of the rice company Ramadhin.
- The manufacture, installation, the connection and starting up of a control panel (750 kVA) for the rice-processing company Rimilco.
- The complete setting up of the lighting installation and the power station of Sullie?s Suites.
- The rewinding of rotor and renewal of wedges for stator for a 35 MW Mitisubishi generator on behalf of Suralco LCC at Paranam.
- The manufacture, installation, connection and starting up of a complete turbine (small water power plant) for the production of electricity at Palumeu.
- The Low Voltage Installation of 2 pieces 7-mW generators from Staatsolie Power Company Suriname SPCS

Our customers are amongst others: re:
1. Staatsolie
2. Rudisa N.V.
3. VSH
4. Fernandes Concern
5. Rosebel Gold Mines n.v.
6. Lumber mills
7. Rice processing companies
8. Suralco

Quality and Swiftness!